Here are statictisc of  ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2021. UTM 240: UTM 240: PDF UTM 170: UTM 170: PDF UTM 105: UTM 105: PDF UTM 64: UTM 64: PDF UTM 45: UTM 45: PDF UTM 35: UTM 35: PDF UTM 10: UTM 10: PDF THANK YOU! ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA CREW/ Fundacja 4 Alternatywy


Dear Runners, here is the final announcement regarding to the event: I promote  Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2021 (21-23.05.2021). Familiarize yourself with the current formula of the event:  LINK and Regulations: LINK. Print and complete the participant’s card, which you can find on our website: LINK. Come to the start / finish place of the event at […]


UPDATE 16.05.2021: Dear Runners, in accordance with the earlier announcement, we are introducing the following amenities for you: – at each distance, we will provide at least one nutritional point where you can find: water, cola, fruit, snacks, nuts, raisins; – at each of the nutritional points for the distances UTM 240, UTM 170 and […]

How to get to Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2021?

Where to find the start/finish/office of the Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2021? Start and the finish line are  located in a peaceful forest on the slope of the mountain Lubogoszcz in  Baza Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowa “Lubogoszcz”, 34-734 Kasinka Mała, POLAND, MAP. IMPORTANT: CHANGED FORMULA OF THE EVENT, READ IT!   How to get to the start line? It is […]

Announcement regarding WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Dear Runners! Due to the Polish Prime Minister’s regulations and restrictions regarding COVID-19  pandemic which continue to remain in place,  the WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020 competition cannot take place on the planned date. Therefore, your starting fees are being transferred to similar distances during next year’s Winter Mountain Running Festival WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2021 (18-19.12.2021) and […]

Announcement regarding WTM 140 race @WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

WTM 140 ANOUNCEMENT Due to numerous requests, that have reached us in recent days, we are increasing the limit of places on WTM 140 – the longest and most difficult run in the framework of WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020. Payment via eCard in registration system  https://www.e-gepard.eu/ only. Regards Fundacja 4 Alternatywy    


ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2021 21-23.05.2021   ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA is a Mountaineering Festival in the beautiful Gorce and Beskidy mountains. Distances and degrees of difficulty for every mountain runner! UTM 10 BARTEK CZAJKOWSKI MEMORIAL and UTM 35 for mountain runners at medium level. ULTRA RACES: UTM 45, UTM 64 – for the ultra runners all the way. […]

WTM 140: Registartion opened!

Hey runners! In accordance with the earlier announcement, we are opening registration for WTM 140 – competition as part of the WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020 Mountain Running Festival. Rules: Until July 31, 2020, only competitors who were on the UTM 170 and UTM 240 start lists for this year’s Ultra-Trail® Małopolska edition, who have not […]

A whole new race for 6 ITRA points!

Hey runners! We know very well how much proper running challenges you miss. In the announcement of changes regarding the Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2020 competition due to COVID-19, we assured you that we are preparing a race in which you will be able to score 6 ITRA / UTMB points this year. And here it is! […]

Announcement regarding ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Dear Runners, out of concern for your health and life of volunteers, co-workers and supporters, due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2020 on the planned date. We offer each of you the following solutions: – start at any distance during WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020 (19-20.12.2020): if you choose […]