Nowa Huta w czterech smakach EN

‘Nowa Huta w czterech smakach’ is a series of races  through the unique scenery and places of Nowa Huta  in 4 different year seasons.

If you participate in all 4 races you will complete a marathon distance of 42 km and 195 meters!

Nowa Huta is our place, which is extraordinary, unique and often underestimated.  By organising the races under ‘Nowa Huta w czterech smakach’ we want to draw the runners attention to the interesting surroundings of this part of Krakow. The beauty of the places changes depending of the season, hence the idea to run and contemplate the scenery in different  seasons of the year!  Pawel Derlatka who came up with the idea of ‘Nowa Huta w czterech smakach’ says ‘We will demonstrate that running can be one of the most interesting ways of sightseeing and we will be exploring while running!‘

We can ensure you that this way of sightseeing will be not only thought provoking but also fun and  healthy!


Winter / 5th Feb 2017 / Sunday RESULTS

Spring/2nd April 2017 / Sunday RESULTS

Summer / 10th June 2017 / Saturday REGISTER

Autumn/ 15th October 2017/ Saturday

Following the completion of each individual race the participants will receive a medal which will be one of the 4 puzzles –  all puzzles together will create one integrated shape!

There is also general classification of the participants – anyone who completes 3 out of 4 races will be classified. |