BiegiNowa Huta w Czterech SmakachUTM

February 28th ahead!

The end of February is coming big time! So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to pay the lowest entry fees not only for  Regatta Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2017 races (Pcim, Poland), but also for another edition of  Nowa Huta w czterech smakach – spring series!

Pure facts::
UTM 170 – only two hundreds (PLN)!
MTM 107 – you can get for 160 PLN!
MRM 64 – you will participate for just 135 PLN!
MSM 48 – is only for 125 PLN
Bieg memoriałowy Bartka Czajkowskiego / M10 UTM55 PLN!


To tune in  – start jogging with us during the crooss race in Nowa Huta (Kraków, Poland) – until the end of February entry fee is only  45 PLN!
Moreover – for three races of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach series (SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUM ) you need to pay only 100 PLN!


We look forward to seeing you!