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Official results of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach SPRING 2017

t Nowa Huta w czterech smakach - WIOSNA

Official results of today’s competition.

Beautiful sunny weather and cloudless sky accompanied the runners of the spring edition of Nowa Huta w Czterech Smakach. Funnily enough the biggest challenge of the race  was not an unexpected for April time high temperature and blinding sunlight but the witty anglers who had twice moved the route markers which caused a hell  of  a lot confusion for our runners. Luckily, our great runners have proven once again that such obstacles cannot take away from them the fair play spirit  and sporting atmosphere! Iwona, Kazim and David big smiles on their faces when they crossed the finish line in almost  the same time gave the greatest testimony of it!

We sincerely congratulate the winners – that is everyone who has taken pat in the run!


  1. Iwona Flaga, time: 00:45:20
  2. Małgorzata Stępień, time: 00:46:24
  3. Anita Szklana, time: 00:49:42


  1. Kazimierz Grzyb, time: 00:45:20
    Dawid Filipczak, time: 00:45:20
  2. Marcin Ścibor, time: 00:46:25

Detailed redults of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach SPRONG 2017 (PDF)

t Nowa Huta w czterech smakach - WIOSNA
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