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Official results of Szczebel w czterech smakach – SPRING 2017

The winner of the spring edition of the Szczebel w czterech smakach race is Zbigniew Jaworski (who won the winter edition too). Mud and limted rain fall acompanied our participants during the whole competitions. Marcin Dzierwa and Marcin Wantuch, reached for the podium again, but they did it in another manner then in winter race.
Kaja Milanowska was the winner of the women classification again.

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Women (Szczebel w czterech smakach – SPRING):

  1. Kaja Milanowska, time: 00:36:12
  2. Alicja Zarzycka, time: 00:39:22
  3. Ewelina Czarnecka, time: 00:40:14

Men (Szczebel w czterech smakach – SPRING):

  1. Zbigniew Jaworski, time: 00:23:49
  2. Marcin Dzierwa, time: 00:26:05
  3. Marcin Wantuch, time: 00:26:59

Detailed results of  Szczebel w czterech smakach SPRING 2017 (PDF)

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