here we publish results of ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2019. Podium UTM 240: Men: Marek Rutka, time 47:45:20 Mariusz Bartosiński, time 49:59:33 Robert Niedzielski ex equo Krzysztof Horaczy, time 53:19:23   Detailed results of UTM 240: PDF Podium UTM 170: Women: Joanna Marchewka, time 38:43:44 Renata Dyduła, time 43:15:18 Men: Paweł Wichłacz, time 29:53:06 Grzegorz Żarnowski, time […]

Registration for WTM 2019

WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2019 14.12.2019 Registration for:  WTM 35, WTM 45, WTM 64 and  WTM 105 will be open on 14th February 2019! Detailed information will be published at the event website: WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2019 SEE YOU! Fundacja 4 Alternatywy


Official Results of WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2017 Podium WUTM 48 Women: Kamila Głodowska, time 06:14:40 Asta Buteikyte, time 06:20:29 Magdalena Ciaciura, time 06:49:52 Men: Marcin Rachwał, time 05:19:15 Artur Koczaja, time 05:20:39 Tomasz Kącki, time05:23:25 Detailed results of  WUTM 48 (PDF)   Podium WUTM 30: Women: Katarzyna Wilk, time 04:16:49 Agata Kołoczek, time 04:22:49 Agnieszka Lach, […]

Places where you can cheer on.

Dear Runners and Supporters, here is some useful info for runners and fans. Places where you can cheer on during WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA. For your comfort we publish WUTM 48 and WUTM 30 control and nutritional points. They are accessible by car. Winter tyres required. The table contains the peaks where you can meet the […]


Where to find the start/finish/office of the Winter Trail Małopolska? It is located in a peaceful forest on the slope of the mountain Lubogoszcz in  Baza Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowa “Lubogoszcz”, 34-734 Kasinka Mała, POLAND, MAP. How to get there?  It is pretty easy. Kasinka Mala is located 54 km from Krakow and 68 km from Zakopane. The […]

Detailed event program

Dear Guests and Participants of The Regatta Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2017, here is a place you can find detailed event program: CLICK You can still register for: MRM64, MSM48 i Bieg memoriałowy Bartka Czajkowskiego – M10, Registration will be closed today. For your bank transfers we’ll be waiting until tomorrow 4 PM. SEE YOU! Fundacja 4 […]

Announcement: Regatta Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2017

Dear Participants! We kindly inform, that the event office of Regatta Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2017  will be situated in Schronisku PTTK na Kudłaczach, 32-432 Pcim, next to the start and finish line – MAP. EVENT OFFICE operating hours: 19th of May 2017 (Friday) 2 PM – 9 PM, 20th of May 2017 (Saturday) 9 AM – […]

t Nowa Huta w czterech smakach - WIOSNA

Official results of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach SPRING 2017

Official results of today’s competition. Beautiful sunny weather and cloudless sky accompanied the runners of the spring edition of Nowa Huta w Czterech Smakach. Funnily enough the biggest challenge of the race  was not an unexpected for April time high temperature and blinding sunlight but the witty anglers who had twice moved the route markers […]

Official results of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach WINTER 2017

Our warmest congratulations for all runners! Thank you for being with us in this beautiful, rainy day!   WOMEN: Anita Szklana, time 00:47:06 Małgorzata Stępień, time 00:47:16 Iwona Flaga, time 00:49:00 MEN: Marcin Dzierwa, time 00:40:42 Mateusz Sztandur, time 00:41:01 Piotr Serwan, time 00:41:25 Detailed results of Nowa Huta w czterech smakach WINTER 2017 (PDF)