Tracking on-line for Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2019

Please find below the links which will enable you to follow the progress of your loved ones you participate in the run  on the longest distances of Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2019 UTM 240: UTM 170: UTM  105: Help yourselves! Fundacja 4 Alternatywy

How to get to Ultra-Trail® Małopolska?

Where to find the start/finish/office of the Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2019? Start and the finish line are  located in a peaceful forest on the slope of the mountain Lubogoszcz in  Baza Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowa “Lubogoszcz”, 34-734 Kasinka Mała, POLAND, MAP. IMPORTANT: Event office location and operating hours- see below! How to get to the start line? It is […]

We are doubling the limit of places on UTM 240!

Announcement regarding  240 Due to numerous requests, threats and promises as well as bribery attempts that have reached us in recent days, we are doubling the limit of places on UTM 240 – the longest and most difficult run in the framework of ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2019. Sign up will be reopened following next Sunday on […]

Plan your calendar: UTM 2019 i WTM 2019!

Hey Runners! Some of you already completes your running calendars for the next year, so you can better plan your training plans and the optimal form at the most important events. So, book the time for running adventures under UTM 2019 and WTM 2019 trademarks: ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2019 (UTM 2019) will be held on: 31.05.2019 […]


Dear Participants! We kindly inform, that the event office, start & finish line of WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2017  will be situated in Baza Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowa „Lubogoszcz”, 34-734 Kasinka Mała, POLAND, MAP. See you! Fundacja 4 Alternatywy  


Official Results of REGATTA ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2017. Congratulations for all participants, thank you for being with us! Podium UTM 170: Women: Petra Mücková, time: 32h 06m Agnieszka Faron, time: 34h 29m Men: Dalimil Hota, time: 32h 06m Jarosław Oleksy, time: 36h 53m Mateusz Zaręba, time: 36h 53m Detailed results of UTM 170: PDF Podium MTM […]

Official results of Szczebel w czterech smakach – SPRING 2017

The winner of the spring edition of the Szczebel w czterech smakach race is Zbigniew Jaworski (who won the winter edition too). Mud and limted rain fall acompanied our participants during the whole competitions. Marcin Dzierwa and Marcin Wantuch, reached for the podium again, but they did it in another manner then in winter race. […]