Plan your calendar: UTM 2019 i WTM 2019!

Hey Runners! Some of you already completes your running calendars for the next year, so you can better plan your training plans and the optimal form at the most important events. So, book the time for running adventures under UTM 2019 and WTM 2019 trademarks: ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2019 (UTM 2019) will be held on: 31.05.2019 […]

February 28th ahead!

The end of February is coming big time! So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to pay the lowest entry fees not only for  Regatta Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2017 races (Pcim, Poland), but also for another edition of  Nowa Huta w czterech smakach – spring series! Pure facts:: UTM 170 – only two hundreds (PLN)! MTM […]

Nowa Huta w czterech smakach EN

‘Nowa Huta w czterech smakach’ is a series of races  through the unique scenery and places of Nowa Huta  in 4 different year seasons. If you participate in all 4 races you will complete a marathon distance of 42 km and 195 meters! Nowa Huta is our place, which is extraordinary, unique and often underestimated.  […]