Here are statictisc of  ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2021. UTM 240: UTM 240: PDF UTM 170: UTM 170: PDF UTM 105: UTM 105: PDF UTM 64: UTM 64: PDF UTM 45: UTM 45: PDF UTM 35: UTM 35: PDF UTM 10: UTM 10: PDF THANK YOU! ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA CREW/ Fundacja 4 Alternatywy


Dear Runners, here is the final announcement regarding to the event: I promote  Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2021 (21-23.05.2021). Familiarize yourself with the current formula of the event:  LINK and Regulations: LINK. Print and complete the participant’s card, which you can find on our website: LINK. Come to the start / finish place of the event at […]


UPDATE 16.05.2021: Dear Runners, in accordance with the earlier announcement, we are introducing the following amenities for you: – at each distance, we will provide at least one nutritional point where you can find: water, cola, fruit, snacks, nuts, raisins; – at each of the nutritional points for the distances UTM 240, UTM 170 and […]

Announcement regarding ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Dear Runners, out of concern for your health and life of volunteers, co-workers and supporters, due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2020 on the planned date. We offer each of you the following solutions: – start at any distance during WINTER TRAIL MAŁOPOLSKA 2020 (19-20.12.2020): if you choose […]

Announcement regarding ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Dear Runners, We will make the final decision regarding the organization of the Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2020 competition by the planned date of May 4, 2020. The information will be published on ultratrailmalopolska.pl and fb / UltraTrailMalopolska. The coronavirus situation is dynamic, and the dates on which it will be possible to waive the restrictions we […]

Announcement regarding ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Dear Runners! We are extending the time of lower starting fees on the Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2020 until April 30. We hope that our competition will take place on May 29-31, 2020. However, if due to the pandemic, and the need to provide us all with safety, the organization of Ultra-Trail Małopolska 2020 will not be […]

Announcement regarding UTM 105 race @ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

Announcement regarding UTM 105 We kindly inform, that the limit of participants on UTM 105 – race in the framework of ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020 has been met. Long distance race lovers are welcome to sign up for: UTM 240 (last 6 slots), UTM 170 (last 30 slots) and UTM 64. The order of payment is […]

Announcement regarding UTM 240 race @ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020

UTM 240 ANOUNCEMENT Due to numerous requests, that have reached us in recent days, we are increasing the limit of places on UTM 240 – the longest and most difficult run in the framework of ULTRA-TRAIL® MAŁOPOLSKA 2020. Payment via eCard in registration system  https://www.e-gepard.eu/ only. Sign up will be reopened following next Monday on […]

Tracking on-line for Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2019

Please find below the links which will enable you to follow the progress of your loved ones you participate in the run  on the longest distances of Ultra-Trail® Małopolska 2019 UTM 240: http://event.trackcourse.com/view/ultra-trail-malopolska-2019-240km UTM 170: http://event.trackcourse.com/view/ultra-trail-malopolska-2019-170km UTM  105: http://event.trackcourse.com/view/ultra-trail-malopolska-2019-105km Help yourselves! Fundacja 4 Alternatywy