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Collection for animals!

We love animals, therefore  as part of our initiative ‘CZŁOWIEK  ZWIERZAKOWI BRATEM’  during EVERY sporting event organized by us an items collection  is organized for the needs of animals who do not have an owner. If you want to improve the fate of dogs, cats, horses and other animals from the shelters, huts and adoptive homes then bring the following to our competition office::

  • good quality dry or wet food, delicacies and veterinary food for animals that require special diets,
  • accessories (leashes, scratchers, beds, toys, travel containers, collars),
  • clean towels, blankets, sheets.

In addition we will allocate 5 zlotys from your starting fee for the implementation of the initiative ‘CZŁOWIEK  ZWIERZAKOWI BRATEM’! Please remember  – we never transfer funds to other entities. We finance the purchase of medicines, food and accessories, we finance veterinary treatments, we build pens and catwalks. We support only individuals and organizations whose activity we have approved and appreciated. If you want to learn more about the ‘CZŁOWIEK  ZWIERZAKOWI BRATEM’ initiative, please take a look HERE.

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