Fundacja 4 Alternatywy invites everyone to participate in a new race series ! This time it won’t be easy and we are taking about races up the hill!

Szczebel w czterech smakach is a series of 4 races in 4 year seasons around one of the most steeply Beskid Wyspowy’s  mountain called SZCZEBEL.

Szczebel (also known as Strzebel) is 977 m high a.s.l. and is situated around Mszana Dolna, Glisne, Tenczyn, Lubien and Kasinka Mała. You can see and look at Szczebel while you driving on the Zakopianka road going though Lubien district… or actually it might be that it is rather Szczebel actually looking at you! 

Szczebel is one of the most recognisable mountain top on Ultra-Trail® Małopolska (UTM) routs. Pawel Detlatka, who came up with the ‘Szczebla w czterech smakach ‘ idea says: ‘Due to my vast experience with this mountain and great reviews of UTM contestants we have decided to give Szczebel our full attention and dedicate the whole separate series on it! Szczebel is an unique and ‘quite painful’ part of UTM, hence it is definitely worth it ‘

Szczebel races will take place in all four seasons of the year and we will start in February  with the winter edition!

WINTER / 11th February 2017 / SATURDAY / RESULTS
SUMMER / 4th June 2017 / SUNDAY /
AUTUMN / 22nd October 2017 / SUNDAY /

For all participants we prepared memorable medals-puzzles. After beating Szczebel in 4 races, you can compose unique combination of them!
There is also general classification of the participants – anyone who completes 3 out of 4 races will be classified.

Have you ever been on Szczebel?